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Work Experience

Equivalent to articling, the LPP is one of the pathways to licensing in Ontario. Providing a 4-month Work Experience is as simple as completing our Employer Profile Form. As a work experience employer, your responsibilities include:

  • Providing a full-time 16-week opportunity to a law school graduate enrolled in the LPP (January to April)
  • Interviewing and selecting your candidate
  • Signing a short work experience agreement
  • Integrating your chosen candidate into the work of your practice (e.g.: conducting research, drafting, assisting with client activities, etc.)
  • We are here to support you and the candidate during the work experience
  • During the experience we will conduct two check-in phone calls with you and we take care of all the paperwork – you do not need to file any documents with the LSO
  • We will check in twice during the work experience, and take care of all the paperwork – you do not need to file any documents with the LSO

Get started

01. Complete the Employer Profile Form
Click on "Hire a Candidate"
02. Select Candidate
Hire a candidate from the applications submitted to you
03. Onboard Candidate
Integrate the candidate into your practice. We take care of everything else.

How Does It Work

4 Month Practical Training

(August – December)
  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates work both individually and in “law firms” of approximately 4 to 6 – supported by practicing lawyers
  • Interactive and experiential – learn by doing
  • Practical – files developed by practicing lawyers
  • Relevant – interview clients, conduct research, draft documents, letters and agreements, develop an approach, conduct negotiations, prepare the client, argue motions, conduct examinations and cross-examinations, and manage the client and the practice

4 Month Work Experience

(January – April)
  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates are trained to hit the ground running
  • Employers include major institutions, large and small firms, specialty boutiques, governments, clinics and sole practitioners throughout Ontario
  • As a work experience employer you will be joining us on the leading edge of practical legal training

Success Stories

Our alumni are working across the profession in various industries including in-house, government, private practice and legal clinics. Some of their titles include: Legal Counsel, In-House Counsel, Partner, Legal Consultant, Privacy Officer, Legal Manager, Compliance Manager, Anti-Money Laundering Client Analyst, Tech Start-Up Developer. Over 1800 law school graduates have successfully completed the LPP. The success profiles below outline a few of these experiences.

Our Employers

Our employers provide work experiences across all areas of the Profession. Work experiences include private practice, in-house, government and legal clinic opportunities. The following testimonials outline our employer's experiences with our program and our candidates. See what they have to say.

Nothing but rave reviews. Both candidates have been really great. You have students who have done it before. It’s amazing the work they are able to do and how they hit the ground running. They know the concepts. We’ve been really impressed with the program.

Our candidate has a grasp that’s more advanced than I would expect from a student. He has really absorbed the concepts of the program and applied them to this placement. You can see it in the way he conducts himself. He owns everything he does; this placement is an opportunity, not merely a means to an end.

[Our candidates’] skills are top notch. I’m very impressed with the LPP program….I think one of the reasons is because the LPP program provides specific and intense training before the work placement. That training gets them into a rhythm and prepares them for what it’s really going to be like during the placement. In my view, the candidates have an advantage because of the design of the program when compared to the traditional articling process.

I am highly impressed by the quality of candidates produced by the LPP program. The candidates have practical knowledge and are equipped with the tools needed to excel as legal professionals. Our job becomes much easier to nurture their potential and help them become valuable assets to the Law Society.

I have seen no difference between my current LPP candidate and the many articling students I have hired in my career. In fact, I have found the LPP Candidate to be less intimidated by tasks he’s been assigned, which I think is attributable not only to the LPP candidate himself but also due to the fact that he was able to hit the ground running faster, likely due to his 4-month training.

[My candidate] has professional maturity. He’s not like an articling student coming in fresh out of law school. He’s already had legal experience. He has good judgement and understands what’s important and what’s not important … He has a great demeanour. He’s very calm, cool, and collected. He’s hard working. He’s always wanting to take on more. He’s willing to work very hard. …[The LPP] delivered him very well prepared. I’m a huge fan of this program. This opportunity should be available to everyone who wishes to follow this path.

We’ve had strong LPP candidates over the years. From our experience, there is nothing I can recommend to improve the LPP. The LPP candidates placed with us have already been in the business world and their practical insight and solid legal training have been an asset to our department. Over the last few years, the candidates have very quickly integrated into our team and have demonstrated strong legal skills. The LPP is a high quality program.

The LPP has been successful at implanting a practical, common sense approach to law practice. The candidates are better equipped to handle themselves in the day to day operations of a law practice because of the tools LPP has bestowed upon them during their studies. You are to be congratulated for those efforts in making the practice of law a function of a business as well as legal reality.

[The candidate] is intelligent, thorough and a hard worker. She sees the big picture and this is unusual for a younger lawyer. On the adjournments that I have seen her do, she has been very respectful and appropriate- not awkward or uncomfortable. I am extremely happy and will be keeping her on after [the LPP].

I fully support your program. We are here to help the candidates. I love the program and I was looking forward to taking more candidates this year as the ones last year were fantastic!

I am very impressed with the abilities of the two LPP students who are currently interning with us. Both are eager to learn and were extremely easy to train. I had my doubts about the program initially, but definitely not anymore. I don’t give compliments easily. Both candidates are excellent and are a pleasure to work with.

Our LPP candidate is excellent! I am comfortable assigning her a variety of work and I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness and accuracy of her work product. [We have]… mentored two LPP candidates over the last two years and they have both been impressive. The timing for placements is convenient for our organization, as four months is manageable for our office. The students arrive ready to hit the ground running! We interviewed 5 LPP candidates and all 5 presented with strong practical skills.

[Our candidate] is amazing. He impresses me… I think [the LPP] is running a wonderful program and I think there is a place for a program like this in the province, as I believe it acts as beautiful bridge between law school and employment.

We have nothing but good things to say about [our candidate]. He has been a valuable addition to our legal team since day one of his placement, turning out high quality work and showing an eagerness to learn and contribute. He has also been a pleasure to work with. Partnering with the LPP Program has worked out very well for us.

…[Our Candidate] has been an excellent addition to our team. She is a quick learner who does not shy away from taking on added responsibilities as they arise. The LPP is a great program as it provides essential training to the candidates. She came to our office with a solid foundation to build on and focus on other areas to teach. We would keep… [our Candidate]… on after the work placement in any capacity

My candidate has exceeded expectations which were already high. I am hoping he stays on even after his call to the bar… we are three for three! The LPP offers many advantages to a small firm and I am looking forward to continuing my participation.

Things are going very well! The Law Practice Program has been a big hit for us so far. We have participated for the three years and it has been such a positive experience for the Legal Bureau. It’s a great program!

Industrious, hard-working …! Her contributions to the organization started 10 minutes after she got here. We got exactly what we wanted and there are no surprises We are very happy to be involved in the program.

She was fabulous. She was able to hit the ground running. We were able to get her involved in a lot of different things: contractual negotiations, regulatory discussions and policy developments – and she was able to contribute.

She exceeded our expectations….Up there with 1st and 2nd year lawyers. I wish all students could go through the LPP so they get consistent training across the board.