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Prospective Candidates

Program Overview

Imagine meeting a client and having to open a file and start work on their business acquisition? Or take a call from another client who has landed in jail? And soon after, you need to turn to completing some legal research to enable you to draft pleadings in a civil matter you have been given. The next day brings a new research assignment, a virtual meeting with your Firm to discuss client confidentiality and another virtual meeting with the Real Estate expert, as well as a Professional Development Webinar. Welcome to a small taste of what you can expect in the first four months of the LPP Training Component! This is work, not school; you engage in activities and assignments that help develop the skills you need as a lawyer. Once you have successfully completed the Training, you begin your in-person Work Experience within Ontario, applying all that you have learned. This licensing pathway is equivalent to articling. Innovative, rigorous and demanding, the eight-month LPP aims to help you succeed.

Who is Eligible

Candidates in the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) licensing process who have completed either a Juris Doctor (JD) from a recognized Canadian law school, or an equivalent degree as determined by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) through the completion of exams and receipt of a Certificate of Qualification for internationally trained lawyers. Candidates must also be eligible to study and work in Ontario.

Get started

01. Join an Information Webinar

Learn more about the program, its expectations and the successes of current and past Candidates. Watch our Information Session here.

02. Apply through the LSO

Candidates interested in registering for the LPP must first be registered in the Law Society of Ontario’s (LSO) Licensing Process (through the LSO website).

03. Select the LPP

Once registered for the LSO’s Licensing, Candidates must select the LPP pathway, within the LSO Portal. The LSO provides the LPP a list of registered Candidates directly.

04. Respond to the LPP

Beginning in the Spring, LSO licensing Candidates who have selected the LPP through the LSO will begin receiving communications from the LSO and LPP to begin the university registration process.

05. Important Dates

Familiarize yourself with relevant dates for the program here.

How Does It Work

4 Month Practical Training

(August – December)
  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates work both individually and in virtual law firms of approximately 4 to 6 – supported by practicing lawyers ("mentors"), who offer guidance, feedback and assessment
  • Interactive and experiential – learn by doing
  • Practical – files developed by practising lawyers
  • Relevant – interview clients, conduct research, draft documents, letters and agreements, develop an approach, conduct negotiations, prepare the client, argue motions, conduct examinations and cross-examinations, and manage the client and the practice

4 Month Work Experience

(January – April)
  • Mondays to Fridays approximately 8AM – 6PM EST (Hours may vary)
  • Candidates are trained to hit the ground running
  • Employers include major institutions, large and small firms, specialty boutiques, governments, clinics and sole practitioners throughout Ontario
  • As a work experience employer you will be joining us on the leading edge of practical legal training


The LPP is forward thinking and Candidate focused. It provides participants with the opportunity to develop the core skills and competencies essential for success in practice. Candidates benefit from the network of hundreds of experts from the profession who participate annually in developing and delivering the program. Candidates also benefit from hands-on use of innovative and cutting-edge tools used within the profession. These experiences translate into future success, as our alumni demonstrate.

What Our Alumni & Employers Are Saying

Our employers provide work experiences across all areas of the Profession. Work experiences include private practice, in-house, government and legal clinic opportunities. The following testimonials outline our alumni and employer experience with our program. See what they have to say.

It was rigorous and comprehensive. I loved it and benefited a lot from it. After litigation and negotiation trainings, I am more confident to conduct these proceedings.

It is a wonderful program. Well thought out. Well executed. An incredible learning experience. It is the future. I feel grateful to have been part of this program. It was very demanding but I could always see the benefits.

I liked the simulated experience of working in a firm and having challenging work to do within deadlines. This is a fantastic experience, I will keep recommending it to others.

My overall experience was very enjoyable. The care and effort put into the program does not go unnoticed. The instructions and expectations were clear and the resources given were expansive. The scenarios were interesting and the learning experiences gained will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Chris Bentley said it best at the beginning, you get from this program what you put in. I was nervous about starting out as a lawyer because I didn’t really know what the work was going to be like and if I could do it at an acceptable standard. This program gave me the opportunity to experience what it will be like working as a lawyer, the practice increased my abilities and confidence. I loved this program.

We’re changing the legal world…The LPP provides a consistent practical training that should be adopted as the modern system to become a lawyer in Canada.

The LPP is incomparable to other pathways to licencing. From managing a virtual “law firm” with three of my peers to the excellent work placement I obtained, the LPP greatly exceeded all of my expectations.

One of the most important things I learned from [my mentor] was how to juggle responsibilities.

His experience and knowledge was invaluable to me throughout his mentorship term. He was always ready to answer my doubts regarding any of the assignments. His explanations were always clear, knowledgeable, insightful, practical. He always offered the perspective from his experience.

She was incredibly knowledgeable. I feel that she prepared me fairly well for the placement period. She was very generous with her advice and thoroughly answered any questions I had.

I benefited tremendously. [He] was a thoughtful and patient mentor who devoted time, energy and knowledge to the firm. His comments were insightful; it was obvious he dedicated time to read the assignment and give meaningful feedback. He also shared resources and helped us in other areas that were not strictly under his supervision, such as tips and strategies for arguing a motion, preparing our witness for examination in chief and cross, and our access to justice project, to name a few.

[She] exuded such an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. Combined with her humor and larger-than- life personality, she made our firm’s final mentoring experience a beautiful thing. She had so much to relay, in such a practical way. It was truly refreshing and engaging.

I received constructive feedback which helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. All the assignments were discussed during the weekly mentor meeting and different techniques and experiences were shared by the mentor which gave me an insight to carry out the assignments in an effective manner.

She’s a great advocate and her strength is in administrative law being extremely experienced in labor law. Great tips, especially when we were preparing for our trial advocacy, direct and cross examinations, how we should formulate the questions, when to press a point and when not to, when to move on. Her experience likewise shines well when we were preparing our oral motions, she gave good feedback on how to improve arguing orally, what to focus on — her feedback helped my immigration assessment. Thanks to her. She is very caring. We even talked…on other topics like the bar exams, strategy on how to put up your own firm, etc.

Life experience, work process, expectations, priorities management, practicality of work form. Able to pitch ideas to him re: A2J, Business plan, group dynamics. Very good experience

Gave real world experience about what life is like as a lawyer. Gave great advice on how to structure and organize legal memos. In addition, stylistic improvements that have greatly benefited me.

I am very happy at the placement. I have attended examinations under oath, written settlement proposals, also client intake, docketing and affidavit of documents. They want me to stay on long term so I am thinking beyond the 4 month placement, trying to absorb and work on as much as possible to be prepared to join the firm after my placement. I feel confident because of the training.

I am really enjoying the placement and the people are wonderful. My first week, I was thrown into a trial where I helped with a 140 page factum – and a 340 page legislative review. The LPP training gave me a lot of confidence; I understood what was going on when I started helping with the trial/factum. Very happy!

Overall after the LPP program and my placement I am feeling much more confident about my skills and ability to practice post bar-call.

It was everything I hoped for and much more! I gained invaluable experience with international law for which I have a keen interest… I conducted research, prepared briefing books and memos to cabinet, I attended negotiation and strategy sessions…It was a very fast-paced and busy environment but my supervisors were very supportive.

Could not have asked for a better work placement/supervisor. Learned not only how to be a better lawyer, but how to manage a practice and how important it is to be involved in the legal community.